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At Omnia Dental, we believe that your natural teeth should last forever, and we never spare any effort to restore and preserve a damaged tooth. However, there are times when extracting a tooth is the only option to restore your healthy smile. Our cutting-edge technology, gentle approach to dentistry, and sedation dentistry options will ensure time with us is positive and free of stress.

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Why Would I Need to Have a Tooth Extracted?

At Omnia Dental, we perform tooth extractions for many different reasons, including the following:

Severe Tooth Decay: Left untreated, tooth decay can progress, leading to intense pain, swelling, and severe infection. If the tooth is beyond repair, we may recommend removing it and replacing it with a dental bridge or implant to avoid further complications.  

Trauma: Accidents can cause trauma to your teeth, and the damage is sometimes so severe that even a root canal treatment cannot save it. Extracting the affected tooth and replacing it with one of our cutting-edge tooth replacement solutions may be your best option to safeguard your oral health. 

Periodontal Disease: Periodontal disease is a progressive condition that can destroy the bone and tissue holding the teeth in place. If the integrity of the bone or gum around a tooth deteriorates too much, we may need to remove the affected tooth to preserve the surrounding teeth. 

Overcrowding: We sometimes perform selective tooth extractions as a component of an orthodontic treatment plan. That helps free space up for the rest of the teeth to move into alignment, delivering a beautiful, straight smile. 

Tooth Impaction: Tooth impaction happens when a tooth is trapped below the jawline, leading to pain, infection, and a host of complications. That typically occurs with wisdom teeth, which often don’t have enough room to grow upright, so they grow toward the rest of the teeth instead. Impacted teeth must be removed to prevent damage to the surrounding teeth. 


What Should I Expect During a Tooth Extraction?

At Omnia Dental, we use the latest technology for 3D visualization of your teeth, nerves, and jawbone. That helps us see the position of your teeth and roots and helps avoid complications. 

Our team performs both simple and surgical extractions. Simple extractions are needed for teeth visible above the gum line. Surgical extractions, on the other hand, are used to remove weak or impacted teeth. Although most extractions are performed at our office, some complex cases may require referral to a specialist who we know will also take excellent care of you. 

How Can I Promote Healing After a Tooth Extraction?

We will provide you with post-extraction instructions to promote healing and prevent complications. We may also provide prescription pain medication for use as needed. 

After the procedure, you’ll need to place pressure on a gauze pad for an hour or so until the bleeding stops. Change to a fresh pad as required. Make sure to avoid smoking, drinking from a straw, or spitting for at least 24 hours to lower your risk of developing a painful condition called dry socket. If you have any concerns, please contact our office for guidance. 

Tooth Extractions Near Me in Buffalo Grove, IL

If you have a painful or damaged tooth, call Omnia Dental at 847-495-2292 today. We will do everything we can to restore the affected tooth to its health, form, and function. If, however, extraction is the only viable option, you can count on our team for gentle, outstanding care.