How to Whiten Your Teeth for the New Year

How to Whiten Your Teeth for the New Year

If you are looking for solutions to whiten and brighten your teeth this new year, Omnia Dental is here to help. We are pleased to offer professional teeth whitening with Opalescence to help you start your year with a dazzling smile. Whether you want immediate results with in-office whitening or prefer to brighten your smile at home, we have the perfect solution for you! 

Why Do Teeth Get Stained and Discolored?

Everyday life, coffee, red wine, berries, smoking, and the natural aging process can leave you with dull and discolored teeth, impacting your smile. The good news is that Opalescence teeth whitening can erase teeth stains and discoloration, restoring your smile’s natural sparkle.

What Is Opalescence Teeth Whitening and How Does It Work?

Opalescence is a leader in teeth whitening. The safe and highly effective system offers both in-office and take-home whitening options tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle.

The active ingredients in the Opalescence teeth whitening gel penetrate your tooth enamel and oxidize the discolored molecules, removing stains and brightening your smile. The patented formula contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride), which helps reduce tooth sensitivity and strengthen your tooth enamel. The whitening gel is sticky and viscous, so it stays in place, providing sustained peroxide release for the duration of treatment for superior results.

Opalescence professional-grade whitening products are only offered by dental professionals. They are more powerful and effective than over-the-counter whitening products, producing dramatic results for most patients.

Opalescence Boost in-Office Teeth Whitening

The Opalescence Boost professional teeth whitening system delivers dramatic results fast. Just two or three 20-minute gel applications will leave you with a smile several shades whiter and brighter.

Opalescence Boost’s 40 percent hydrogen peroxide gel is chemically activated – no hot or uncomfortable LED whitening lights are necessary. Its unique, double-syringe configuration activates the whitening formula before application, ensuring maximum potency and effectiveness.

Opalescence Custom Home Whitening

We are also proud to offer Opalescence at-home whitening kits with custom whitening trays and different concentrations of the powerful whitening formulation. Our personalized smile solutions allow you to brighten your teeth whenever you want, day or night. The safe and effective whitening system delivers professional results conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Opalescence Professional Teeth Whitening Near Me in Buffalo Grove, IL

Ready to brighten your smile for the New Year? Contact Omnia Dental to schedule a consultation. Dr. Shtilman will evaluate your unique needs and recommend the ideal teeth whitening solution to deliver your desired outcomes. Are you ready to dazzle? We invite you to call 847-495-2292 to schedule an appointment or request one online today!